One “Bahgel” please…

When you visit a foreign land you have anxiety within as you are unaware of most things, specially about public transport , the place where you can get the food of your choice and above all the behaviour of goras towards an Asian.

Being a pure vegetarian, it was so difficult to get the food of my choice, I mean they give you Ceasar Salad in Vegetarian (but who eats ghaas poos? not a Punjaban like me) , I need something with substance and that can fill my stomach. I searched a lot for a Vegetarian Burger , Vegetarian Pizza or vegetarian pasta and atlast I could get vegetarian noodles and the smile on my face came back ( for a short while ) , I could not eat more than two bites of it( everything was kacha in it, I imagined it as properly cooked) , the enzymes in my stomach couldn’t do friendship with those two bites to stay longer than two hours and sent it back to my mouth to be thrown out, and like a servant of my stomach I followed the order.

Finally came a ray of hope in my life when my friend (who was worried like a father about my too Indian taste which seemed to him like some eating disorder) took me to “Tim Hortons” and I had a Bagel (read Bahgel with the Angrezi accent) with cream cheese, and yes I survived in a foreign land for the rest of my stay and within my heart I talked to Darwin ( remember Grade 7 science) and I told him I hope you are proud of me now. Meri duayein lagangi tenu Tim Horton

{{Tim Horton was a famous Ice Hockey player who started this chain and Bagel is not a very healthy thing to eat but I like it.}}


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