Journey of Meals on Wheels

A Train journey any day gives you more memories and enjoyment than a road trip or a flight (though I know it will take longer than a flight, but sometimes chalta hai).

Except the 5-10 mins that you spend on the platform giving your sense of smell multitude of fragrances to experience, the rest of it is perfect according to me due to the following reasons:

1. Born and brought up in a metro city, I don’t think I get to see the greenery around , except a few plants in my verandah or some trees near the roadside, its mesmerizing to see India’s countryside during a train journey, a treat to the eyes and soul.

2. Washroom is the quietest place (atheist view) one can go to (unless you have some digestion problems) and one sure shot way to practice concentration is to go to a washroom in a train, first 3 mins you will spend making different permutations and combinations of how the hell to be stable inside the shaky and a noisy washroom. (Don’t imagine too much :P)

3.I feel so pampered in a train journey( yes EC, CC matters) because the way the staff takes care of you and doesn’t let you do the work you might have planned to do as their aim is to increase your weight by 1 kg by the time you get down the train. The sequence of events include, newspaper, water bottle, frooti, tea and biscuit, milk and corn flakes, banana, parantha and curd, again tea ( menu differs at afternoon and evening ) you suddenly wish the Mahabharata’s character ” Bheema” could accompany you in your train journeys so that the major part of your food isn’t wasted.

To end it up, kudos to Indian Railways for being more than “Value for money”.


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