A Beautiful Love Story I Witnessed

When you are travelling alone and you don’t feel like talking to the stranger sitting next to you as you want to save your energy for the day ahead, nor you feel like watching a movie or reading a book , all you can do is observe people and understand what are they doing and think upon why are they doing such a thing.

So I dedicate this blog to an old age couple seated adjacent to me. I surely have learnt something from them without they knowing that though.

A 60+ year old man travelling with his 55 + old wife. The conversation starts with the wife asking his husband, so happy to go back home , and the husband nodded. Meanwhile the wife gently passed her fingers from his hair (believe me he was bald with hardly any hair, but this is love). Husband was just looking at her and listening to her. Just then he said do we have anything in snacks to eat, and she immediately answered , yes “jaan” we have namakpara, kaju, aloo bhujia, tell me what would you like to have. (Hearing jaan from teens n newly married couples is common but this was surprise to me)

After the tea and snack session, husband mentioned that he fell from the stairs in the morning, and his knees are paining, and she immediately scolded him , you are telling me after 3 hours, and started looking for a medicine in her hand bag (a women’s handbag is like a lucky pot, you name a thing and she will give you), and took out a pain killer and ordered him to take it. Mentioning very lovingly jaan I don’t have moov otherwise I would have massaged .

The crux of this story is I realised after observing them that our generation (including me) believes in getting married as end of love and start of pain with jokes like “jeelo zingagi ptani kab shaadi ho jaye”, while our older generation shows us that “love grows while you grow old together”.

It was good to see an old couple without bothering the fact that how much public display of affection is ridiculed and made fun of in India and it was not that I peeped into their privacy, I was lucky enough to hear them clearly as they were speaking in a volume that was easily audible. It was like watching a movie with a real hero and a heroine.

May they stay together forever. Amen!


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