and I blushed…

Flight journeys are usually boring, more the standard the less people talk to each other. Unlike some men who can do some time pass by staring at girls, we girls usually get bored.

However this journey from Ahmedabad to Delhi was very interesting and the most memorable domestic journey so far.
Aisle seat 15 D, two men in 50’s were sitting next to me (n I was talking to God within, bilkul nai sochte mere baare mein, saath mein do oldies).

Suddenly a very handsome charming flight attendant came n said , do you want to move to a more comfortable seat, I said yes( I was just wondering I never asked anyone to change my seat , and why he only asked me amongst so many passengers) anyway I understood hawa mein bhagwaan jaldi sunta h.

While I was moved to a seat wherein only I was sitting and next two seats were empty. In 5 mins he came and asked, are you comfortable now? I said yes, Thank you. Just one gesture and I was already smiling.

In ten mins a sandwhich was served by an Air Hostess. While passing by, he said, a chocolate for you, and of course I was blushing, I said Thank you, he again said I think you like chocolates, here is another one for you. I took it and I was just smiling.

15 mins passed, just then he came again and asked what’s your name? I said Sonia.
Oh wow that’s a nice name, he said.

I wondered every 20th girl in the world would share this name with me, what’s so nice about it.

I was also thinking should I ask his name as well but then I thought why should I, I could very well see that on the name badge he was wearing.

There came another question, so you live in Delhi? I said yes, he said great.

The conversation was interuppted when a passenger said Excuse me to him and he went away to help him with his query. Just then the Pilot announced crew please prepare the plane for landing.

After ten mins he came and said were you saying something to me, I guess we left the conversation in between ( this was totally unexpected ) I said no I wasn’t saying anything ( maybe I wanted to talk but I was shy) also I was more busy in collecting my mobile, the chocolates etc to be packed into my handbag and he went away.

If this was customer service then I give him 12 stars out of 10, and if this was something else, he definitely has left an impression on me for me to think about him and dedicate a blog to this experience.


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