An Unforgettable

It was Friday 29th july classes at college were over till 1o’ clock my friends were talking to themselves while coming out of the classroom . though I was physically present among them my mind was somewhere else. I wanted to go somewhere where I could get peace and I can spent some time with myself . so I decided in my mind without telling my friends that I will go to lotus temple. As soon as we reached the college gate every body went their own way. I took up the auto and I reached lotus temple within 15 min.
This was the first time in my life that I was going somewhere alone and that to without telling anybody.just because I wanted to spent sometime alone.

I had gone to lotus temple a number of times but the pleasure I got on that day was extremely wonderful. Because of the afternoon time there were very less people their( the thing which I wanted) . for the first time I looked at each thing with so much love and desire .i spent about 1hr their and I really enjoyed the peace .As soon as I was coming out the the temple I met a lady (a foreigner) she was an australian . She was very beautiful and a really nice person to talk to. Though I never talk to strangers but I don’t know what forced me to talk to her. she was wearing a very nice white saree and she seemed a sage to me . she told me that she comes to this temple daily and works here. she praised me saying that college students usually go to watch movies and u r here at temple .

I asked her why she has come to India she told me that the spirituality one can find in India is nowhere else. She asked me to come to the temple once a week and I said I will see and in a hurry I took a auto coz I had to reach back home.

My home is not very far it hardly takes 10 min to reach .while in the auto also I was thinking about her.Side by side I was also looking where auto driver is taking me .

Suddenly I felt he is going to wrong side I told him to take the other side but he was not listening to me.At that moment I came to know that something is going wrong . I again told him that he is going wrong and he started laughing.That moment in my life Is the worst till now .The thoughts which came in my mind at that second were equal to thoughts that can come in an hour . On one side I was deciding to scream (how strange I was deciding ) and on the other side I thought I didt gave that lady a serious answer that’s why it’s happening and suddenly I jumped out of the auto This I think was the first time that I would have taken a confident decision on my own.

. I fell on to the road where there was so much traffic going on.suddenly I saw a DTC bus numbered 469 was coming near to me so fast and I was injured so badly that I was not in a position to get up and I screamed and shouted so loudly for the first time in my life.and just at moment I got a slap on my face and I saw my mother standing in front of me and

and asking with so much fear and anger that what has happened to me .

and I was speech less and my eyes stopped blinking.

At that moment I realized it was a dream.

Have u ever got a dream where everything happened to u for the first time like with me

Going to somewhere alone without telling anybody

Meet a stranger who seems your good friend

Auto driver taking u to somewhere u r not supposed to go

Jumping from a running vehicle

And lastly beginning of ur day with a tight slap

So be ready for a dream that can be unforgettable!!!


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