Aankhein khol di

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and these pictures are visible to us only through eyes( might sound obvious but most of us do not realise what an important gift we have with us “Eyes”) .

I always wonder how do people with poor vision or no vision manage. You cannot even see yourself ( though technically we have not seen ourself ever , we just see our image in the mirror).

So this writeup is about experiencing an Eye Test “jisne meri aankhein khol di”.

In this world of competition wherein aim of everyone is to be rich I wonder would Doctors pray to God aaj zyada logon ko beemar karna, EMI pay karni hai new car ki.

Anyway a typical hospital checkup is a non musical chairs that is played wherein the music is your name which indicates when you have to get up and change the seat.

It starts with sitting in the waiting area, wherein you usually get bored sitting on one chair, so for a while you go to the washroom just to have a new seat for sometime. After this Step 1, you move to a new chair in a more privliged area which is to give u a feel that you are about to meet the doctor .
But no , you are called inside to sit on another chair and look at some video game like structure wherein you focus on a car and just then you are told to move to an adjacent chair wherein you are not even told that some air will be thrown at your eyes with so much pressure that it can give you a mini heart attack just because of the suddenness.

Congratulations Step 2 over , please wait again before the music is played again.

Now is the time to check if you have done any padai in your life , as now you will read A B C D in different fonts, with a 1 KG heavy metal specks that is placed on your nose and if you are unable to read the alphabets you are declared illiterate.

Some numbers are jotted down on a sheet of paper which you can never understand as doctors in their final year of study go through a special compulsory subject of calligraphy wherein the less the examiner understands what you write the more marks you score.

You again wait and then you are invited to a dark room and you suddenly get excited , yes time for a movie , but no they won’t entertain you , instead some more Adhunik yantra will test your eyes for the figure your eyes have ( I just hope the formula for a perfect eye in the machine is not 36-24-36).

Anyway now you are bored and fedup , and you are thinking galti ho gyi eye checkup krane ka soch liya, but now that you are in the middle of the process especially when you have paid the money you want to suffer more.

Another chair , yes you are right , wait now in a more sophisticated area with less people and observe them . Now comes another variety of doctor with a torch , and you wonder ab ye kya karega.

The light of the torch is pushed into the eyes so much so that you feel hyptonized and you feel you are on Sun or may be they want to turn you blind and just then they mention a term which you will never be able to pronounce “nocylindergasjusation”.

Now your heart beat goes up, hey Bhagwan sab sahi tha, ye kaunsi beemari bol rha h.

See nothing to worry , everything is fine , you have to wait before you meet our senior doctor who will advise you .

You wait to meet the Demi God who will cure you of the ailment which according to you never existed and you wonder ye inki koi chaal h.

Demi God arrives , hello, so here are your reports , everything is fine , perfect , cornea and retina is fine , your vision is perfect . Just then your brain tells you to speak , and you say “but the doctor before you mentioned some term which I didnt understand and he said it needs to be corrected”.

Let me call him , Hello this is Dr Sach , can you please come to my room. Dr Jhooth arrives and they both exchange some language through eyes ( this language doctors are taught on Job) and Dr Jhooth says no no everything is fine , I think you didn’t understand ( and you want to say zyada mat bol jhoothe but u don’t and maintain your decency ).

You leave the room with some prescription wondering kis cheez ki dawai likhi hai , but doctor Bhagwan ka roop h, Prasad smaj ke khalo.


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